Nikon One Touch Zoom 90

Some days, from my point of view, the world turns just a bit on its axis .



ive seen you looking at the way i look at the world.  i know you wonder just what goes on in my head, what could possibly make me tick.  what differentiates me from everyone else, what makes me special.  why is it i see things the way i do?  how can it possibly be so simple, yet so unfathomably complex?  will you ever know?  no.  i doubt it.  as much as ill never really know what makes all of you tick tock as your lives move around the proverbial sun dial of life, but i can accept that.  im easy 😉

AHHHHHH!!!! RUNNNNN Its ALIVE i tell you… ALIVE! or, Number 4.



When the still sea conspires an armor
And her sullen and aborted
Currents breed tiny monsters
True sailing is dead

Awkward instant
And the first animal is jettisoned
Legs furiously pumping
Their stiff green gallop

And heads bob up
Poise, delicate, pause, consent
In mute nostril agony
Carefully refined and sealed over

The Doors:  Horse Latitudes.