The road goes on forever

It’s been a good summer. I’ve been discovering the hidden roads of Easter Ontario, and rediscovering my sense of self. I think it might be time to dig out that copy of “Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance”. Perhaps I’ll learn something new. Perhaps I’ll even finish it.


It’s been far to long

Take a big drink from the cup of forgetfulness and pretend the last 3 years didn’t happen… Ok?

I don’t know where the time has gone for me. It’s just disappeared. Head down, plans made. Plans cast aside. Head down. Deeper. Covered with sand. I was lost. I lost myself. Terribly. Inside. Pretty deeply. I’m still pretty lost but I do think I see a light. Right there. See it? Maybe not. There’s nothing for it but through it. Right?

Peter Nagainis

Peter and I, maybe 1969-70?

Peter Nagainis, in his 71st year. Gone, but not ever forgotten by those he leaves behind. Wife, lover, true companion, and friend till the end Roberta Gottlieb. “I wish I had known you sooner so I could have loved you longer”. Brothers Charles Nagainis and Marc Nagainis, both of Canada, will miss their Big Brother and will cherish his memory in their hearts.

Peter, born like so many of his age into a world of endless possibility, was a man who lived his life on his own terms and at his own pace. Photographer, traveler and adventurer, nothing was out of reach for Peter; be it scuba diving, auto racing, surfing or skydiving. Peter enjoyed fine food, a good cigar and time spent with his chosen people. He was known as a kind, gentle and quick-witted soul, who valued living for the day and would offer simple advice. “If you can, do it: don’t put it off for next year”. Peter did it, over and over. He had a good life; well lived and experienced, and while we miss his presence, his memories live on in each of us.

Hunter S. Thompson said: “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!” Peter embodied that sentiment fully.

“I held a dandelion that said the time had come, to leave upon the wind,not to return when summer burned the earth again”

Elton John – Curtains

We Just Want To Break Free

Agfa 2005

Its been almost a year since I posted my last image. Up until April 3rd of 2019 I had posted a film image a day for 4 years solid. Every Day. Processed in my kitchen, scanned at home and posted. Whats the Farm to Table equivilent for film? Shot to Website? I dunno. I kept up the pace for a short while longer, till May 5th 2019. Lets call it a year and a month or 1470 odd days.

Then I took a break.

I’ve still been shooting
( )
and I have a backlog of films I will process this summer 😉 Maybe

In the mean time I took a deep dive into music. I got the band back together, everyone is reuniting these days…
and I’ve been teaching myself drums and bass and guitars oh my… as well as how to record and produce from my basement. Everything you hear is me, except for maybe some background noises.