We Just Want To Break Free

Agfa 2005

Its been almost a year since I posted my last image. Up until April 3rd of 2019 I had posted a film image a day for 4 years solid. Every Day. Processed in my kitchen, scanned at home and posted. Whats the Farm to Table equivilent for film? Shot to Website? I dunno. I kept up the pace for a short while longer, till May 5th 2019. Lets call it a year and a month or 1470 odd days.

Then I took a break.

I’ve still been shooting
( https://www.instagram.com/p/B4F986wAkjG/ )
and I have a backlog of films I will process this summer 😉 Maybe

In the mean time I took a deep dive into music. I got the band back together, everyone is reuniting these days…
and I’ve been teaching myself drums and bass and guitars oh my… as well as how to record and produce from my basement. Everything you hear is me, except for maybe some background noises.

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