Rollei Retro 80s

Not an April fool.

Today is my 730th consecutive day of posting a daily “farm to table” film image on this site.  I shoot, process, scan and post all my own images, hosted on my own website.  I’ve maintained this version of Marcsworld since March of 2013 and I’ve been rolling my own photoblog (, on one host or another, posting digital and film. since 2003.


A lot has happened in my life since the start of daily posting 2 years ago.  In April of 2015 I was still employed @ the Canadian Red Cross, now I am not, and am on my 3rd employer this April of 2017, but feel @ home again.  All my children are 2 years older, beautiful, healthy and happy.  I love my wife more than ever and couldn’t imagine waking a morning without her.  I am definitely less healthy now having past my 50th year, something I struggle to change, but all good things come with time.

My photography has changed over the last 2 years as well.  My keeper rate is higher per roll.  I’ve moved mostly away from 35 mm, preferring my medium format Fuji GA645 as my daily shooter and my Hasselblad 500 c/m for special.  I think I will probably sell all my 35mm gear, anyone interested in a Contax G1 /28mm Biogon?  I’ll keep my Elan 7 as I’ve got some very special Canon glass.  I haven’t shot digital in probably 3 years now, except for my Iphone/Instagram account and really don’t miss it.  I prefer the mindfulness of film photography.  I take things a little slower, and am much more selective in subject matter.  Perhaps surprisingly, my subject matter hasn’t changed much over the years.  As a determined amateur I shoot anything and everything from street to landscape, portraits to macro.  I have a number of series on the go at any one time and add to the list as inspiration strikes.

All in all I am a very lucky man and take none of what I have or am for granted, it could all disappear in an instant.